Paleta vs. Ice Lolly vs. Popsicle: What's the Difference?

The Paleta is a traditional Mexican ice pop made with fresh and frozen fruit, condensed milk, and cream. The Paleta Bar is a popular paleta shop, now present in more than 39 locations across the country and open to new franchisee options. The Paleta Bar has all the classic flavors but also offers a variety of custom flavors and real fruit chunks to mix and match different tropical fruits for a unique and delicious treat. The Paleta Bar has something to satisfy every craving, from the classic watermelon paleta to their signature passion fruit paleta. With healthy paleta recipes, creamy flavors, and real fruits, it’s no surprise that The Paleta Bar has become a favorite for adults and kids alike. The Paleta Bar also ships their paletas nationwide so that you can enjoy the same delicious flavors at home.

Definition of Paleta

The origin of the word paleta dates back to the mid-16th century when it was first used to refer to a type of ice pop found in Southern Europe. In modern times, however, the word has come to refer to various frozen desserts of Mexican origin.

A definition of paleta would be a frozen treat made with real fruits, creamy flavors, and/or condensed milk, often served on a stick.

Origin of the Word

The origin of the word “paleta” can be traced back to Mexico, where the frozen treat was first created. The word itself derives from the Spanish word “paletilla,” which means small shovel and is thought to refer to the way the treats were traditionally crafted by hand with a wooden stick or a small shovel. Paletas can come in a variety of flavor options and range from the classic fruity to the more creamy. They can also be dipped in chocolate or various other delicious ingredients to create a variety of unique and tasty treats.

Definition of a Paleta

Building on the origin of the word paleta, let’s explore its definition. A paleta, also sometimes referred to as an ice pop, freezer pop, ice lolly, ice block, ice cream pop, ice cream on a stick, or ice cream bar, is a frozen treat made from different delicious ingredients mixed together and then poured into a mold and frozen. It can be made with fresh frozen fruit, condensed milk, coconut milk, different tropical fruits, and other ingredients. Depending on the flavor, it can have chunks of real fruit such as strawberries, watermelon, and passion fruit.

Preparation of Paleta

Moving on, let’s take a closer look at the preparation of Paleta. This Mexican frozen treat is made with various popular paleta flavors and paletas dippings such as creamy or fruity flavors. It can also be made with real fruit chunks and various other flavor options, such as passion fruit. The most common ingredients used to make paletas are fresh frozen fruit, condensed milk, or coconut milk.

In other parts of the world, paletas are known by different names such as ice pops, freezer pops, ice pops, Charleston pops, ice cream shops, paleta shops, paleteria, and more.

Definition of Ice Lolly

The origin of the word “paleta” is credited to its Mexican heritage, where it was traditionally used to describe a type of frozen treat similar to popsicles. In modern times, it has come to mean a variety of ice lollies, from the classic fruity flavors to creamy, custom flavors and even gourmet options. No matter the definition of an ice lolly, these frozen treats are all made of different delicious ingredients and can range from simple recipes with only fresh fruit to more complex recipes with condensed or coconut milk.

Origin of the Word

The word “Ice Lolly” has a long and interesting history. It began in the early 20th century when it was first used in South Africa to refer to frozen ice pops. It then caught on in New Zealand, where it was called “ice blocks.” Later, it was popularized in the United States as “Freezer Pops” and “Cookie Pops.”

In the 1970s, the term “Ice Lolly” began to be used in the UK, likely due to the popularity of “Charleston Pops,” a brand of ice cream bars.

Definition of an Ice Lolly

Moving on from Paleta, an Ice Lolly, also known as an ice pop, freezie, or freezer pop, is a delectable treat made from frozen fruit juices, cream, and other ingredients. It is typically eaten as a delicious snack or dessert. Ice Lollies can be found in many Mexican Paleterias, ice cream shops, and paleta shops.

The term Ice Lolly is believed to have originated in South Africa and New Zealand. Here, it is used to denote the delicious frozen treat made with fresh fruit, condensed milk, and other ingredients.

Types of Ice Lolly

Moving on from paletas, let’s take a look at their distant relative, Ice Lolly. An Ice Lolly is a type of frozen dessert, typically shaped like a popsicle. It’s a popular summertime treat in many countries, especially in warm weather areas like South Africa and New Zealand.

There are many types of Ice Lolly, such as cookies, freezer, and fresh fruit pops. Each type offers its own unique flavor and texture. For instance, Charleston Pops are a popular type of cookie pop that comes in various flavors, including chocolate, strawberry, and even signature flavors like chocolate peanut butter.

Definition of Popsicle

Origin of the Word

Making a transition from the definition of an ice lolly, let us now take a look at the word “Popsicle.” Its origin can be traced back to the early 1900s when an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson accidentally left a mixture of powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick in a cup on his porch overnight. The following morning, he found that the mixture had frozen to the stick, and he had invented the first Popsicle. This frozen treat quickly became a popular dessert as it was easy to make and delicious to eat.

Definition of a Popsicle

Continuing on from the definition of an ice lolly, a Popsicle is an equally popular frozen treat. Originating from the signature box of gourmet ice pops created by 11-year-old Frank Epperson in 1905, the term Popsicle is a combination of the words “pop” and “sicle.” Although Popsicle is the most popular brand of frozen ice pops in the United States, the treat can be found around the world with different names, such as in South Africa, where they are called “ice lollies,” and in New Zealand, they are known as “ice blocks.”

Ice Lolly and Paleta

Moving on from Ice Lollies, Popsicles are another popular type of frozen treat enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide. Popsicles originated in the United States in 1905 when an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson accidentally left a glass of soda and a stirring stick on his porch overnight. The concoction then froze into a treat resembling an ice lolly.

Popsicles are a synonym for Ice Lolly in the United States and Canada. In other countries, such as Mexico, the term Paleta is used to describe some of the same frozen treats.

Difference Between the Three: Paleta, Ice Lolly, Popsicle

Paletas, Ice Lolly, and Popsicles have their own distinct flavors and ingredients that make them unique. Paletas are a traditional Mexican treat made with fresh fruit, cream, and other popular ingredients. Popular Paleta flavors include mango, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, and even chocolate. Paletas can also be dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts for an extra creamy flavor. Mexican Paletas are often found in Paleterias, or paleta shops, where customers can find a variety of flavors.

Different Ingredients

Moving on from the definition of a Popsicle, let’s explore the differences in ingredients between paletas, ice lollies, and Popsicles. Paletas are Mexican-style ice cream treats typically made with fresh fruit and served on a stick. These treats often have an interesting variety of dips, from creamy chocolate to crunchy nuts, which add a pleasant texture and taste to the paleta. Popular paleta flavors include sweet strawberry, tangy lime, and aromatic coconut. Paletas are also known for their signature boxes, where customers can try a variety of gourmet treats.

Different Flavors

Moving on from the definition of Popsicle, it is important to note the difference in flavors between the three frozen treats. Paletas, also known as Mexican ice pops, are a traditional frozen treat found in paletas shops or paleterias, often found in Mexican communities. Popular paleta flavors include creamy flavors like coconut and mango and fruity flavors such as watermelon and strawberry. Sometimes, these paletas have dippings sauces swirled around the popsicle, like chocolate or caramel.

Flavor Variety

Moving along from the definition of a Popsicle, the next topic to explore is the difference between the three: Paletas, Ice Lollies, and Popsicles. When it comes to flavor variety, these frozen treats have no shortage of options. Paletas, the Mexican version of Popsicles, are the most commonly found in paleteria shops and can feature a variety of popular Paleta flavors, such as watermelon, strawberry, cookies and cream. Additionally, it is popular to dip some of the Paletas in a creamy flavor and get creative with home recipes.

How to Make a Paleta

Ingredients are the foundation of any paleta recipe! Popular flavors are fruity and creamy, and the options are endless. From classic watermelon to exotic strawberry, each paleta shop has its own signature recipes and a box of flavors. For gourmet treats, some paleterias even offer dippings to give your favorite treats an extra boost of flavor.

Once you have decided on the ingredients, it’s time to get started on the directions.


Continuing on from the discussion of the differences between a paleta, an ice lolly, and a popsicle, it’s time to dive into how to make your very own paleta. When it comes to the ingredients, the possibilities are endless, and you can get as creative as you’d like! The most popular paleta flavors include fruity, such as strawberry, mango, or watermelon. Additionally, you can find paleta dippings such as chocolate or caramel for a more creamy flavor. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, Mexican paletas are often made with unique ingredients like tamarind or hibiscus.


Moving on from the differences between the three, let’s now dive into how to make a delicious paleta. First, you need to gather the necessary ingredients, depending on what flavor you want to make. Popular flavor combinations are fruity, like strawberry and pineapple, or creamy, like horchata and coconut. You can even give it a unique spin and use dippings like chocolate and nuts. Once you have all the ingredients together, it’s time to start crafting your paleta masterpiece.

To begin the process, you’ll need either pop molds or ice cream molds.

Unmolding the Paletas

After learning about the differences between paletas, ice lollies, and popsicles, it’s time to learn how to make a paleta. To unmold the paletas, dip the mold into warm water for a few seconds and gently pull the paleta away from the mold. If the paleta is still stuck, dip the mold in water again for a few more seconds. Once the paleta is released, you can enjoy your delicious paleta. You can also dip your paleta in various paleta dippings to give it an extra creamy or fruity flavor.

How to Make an Ice Lolly

Making an ice lolly is a sweet and simple task. To begin, one must gather the necessary ingredients. Fruity flavors like watermelon, strawberry, and mango are popular choices. Additionally, a creamy flavor like vanilla, chocolate, or coconut can be added for a more indulgent treat. Afterward, one can explore adding sweeteners like sugar, honey, and syrup to create a custom flavor.

When all the ingredients are ready, directions can be followed to make the ice lolly.


Moving from the previous section on paleta making, let’s dive into the ingredients that make up an ice lolly. You will need a few essential ingredients to make a delicious ice lolly. Fruit is an incredibly popular ingredient, with many popular paleta flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple. Add creamy flavors like ice cream or frozen yogurt if you want something more decadent. You can also add interesting dippings like chocolate or cookie pops for an extra special treat. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try out some of the signature flavors found in gourmet paleterias. Lastly, you can add healthy ingredients like yogurt and fresh juices for a more nutritious ice lolly.


Now that you know how to make a Paleta, let’s move on to the next frozen treat – the Ice Lolly! Making an Ice Lolly is quite similar to making a Paleta but with a few slight variations. To make an Ice Lolly, you’ll need the following ingredients: ice cream, fruits of your choice, syrup, and mold.

Once you have all the ingredients, it’s time to start preparing the Ice Lolly. Begin by taking a scoop of the ice cream and spoon it into the mold. Then, add in the fruits of your choice and pour the syrup over the top.

Adding Sweeteners

After the process of crafting a paleta, the final step of adding sweeteners is one of the most important, as it allows for endless possibilities to create unique flavors for those who seek something special. Popular paleta flavors include mango, passionfruit, guava, tamarind, and chili. These flavors can be taken a step further, and additional ingredients such as chocolate, nuts, and paletas dippings can be added to create a creamy flavor. For those who enjoy a fruity flavor paleta, adding fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and kiwis can provide a delicious addition to any recipe.

Paletas, Ice Lollies, and Popsicles are all delicious frozen treats with a unique identity. Paletas are Mexican-inspired fruit-based treats with various flavors, such as watermelon, strawberry, and mango. They can be made at home using simple recipes and ingredients or purchased at a paleteria. Ice Lollies are popular in South Africa and New Zealand and come in many unique and delicious flavors. Popsicles, also known as Charleston Pops, are a classic American favorite. They can be found in gourmet box shipments and at paleta shops. No matter which treat you choose, you can’t go wrong with these delicious and healthy recipes that can be made at home or purchased ready-made.

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